Monster Energy Presents Season in Motorsports

Scott Tucker is a professional race car driver, philanthropist, investor with global business interests and a political activist. He is a national driving champion with five win s under his belt, has been the ALMS Rookie of the Year and is the only American to ever pilot the Le Mans winning Audi R-10 prototype. He is the reigning American Le Mans Series P2 class champion along with fellow level 5 driver Christopher Bouchut, which usually competes in twenty four hours of Daytona and twenty four hours of Le Mans endurance races. They were the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary that was named “Daytona Dreams.”

Forza Motorsport 4: Trailer (E3 2011)

S. Tucker is one of the most popular racers in the world today. He has been a three-time National Champion driving a Ferrari. He also won the LMPC Class Championship where he was crowned the Rookie of the Year of the American Le Mans Series. In recent races, he is currently doing pretty well in the American Le Mans Level 5 Motorsports. In 2011, he obtained new Lola-Honda prototypes which was integral in winning the race. In 2012, he was the P2 Winner in the Petit Le Mans. Today, he just currently finished 1st in the P2 for the third time made the Ferrari website post positive reviews about his racing prowess.

Scott Tucker has won awards several times over and one may wonder what his secret to success may be. Enduring in tough competitions like the Daytona 500 and the ALMS competitions and becoming champions at both are no easy feat. This takes endurance, strength and discipline on a very high level to achieve this level of success. There are many photos and commentary posted on the site under his page on this site. You can learn a lot about him, his team and his tips and tricks for winning the races.


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